Favorite Things!

My Favorite Things

#1 Let’s start with the tools that I first started with: Ryobi Drill, Circular Saw, and Kreg Jig. The Ryobi power tools are definitely my favorite tools and a must have for any DIYer. They are amazing, easy to use and most of them are cordless and rechargeable. Did I mention they are affordable too? And this pretty green?! Find them at your local Home Depot!


Ryobi Combo Kit- On sale!

#2 is that little blue guy sitting with my Ryobi Drill and Circular Saw. That would be my Kreg Jig which makes building so much easier!! It drills pocket holes so I can easily attach pieces together and hide the screws. I’m a girl so lets be honest, I like to make my projects look pretty and this guy definitely helps do that! šŸ™‚ Find one here:

Kreg Jig



#3 Yeti Rambler — My absolute favorite for a reason, it’s amazing!! I use it for coffee in the morning and now my coffee never gets cold. EVER! As a lot of mom’s know it can be tough to finish a warm cup of coffee while helping your kids get ready, but add this to your life and you won’t have that problem!! Then the rest of the day I put ice water in it and it stays cold all day long. Buy it hereĀ Yeti Rambler

#4 Ā My very favorite clamps to use when woodworking. These Irwin Clamps are so easy to use and hold tight! Get a 6 pack of clamps fromĀ AmazonĀ which includes free 2 day shipping for Prime Members!


#5 My Ryobi Nail Gun — This has got to be my favorite tool in the entire world! With good reason! It is easy to use, easily portable because it is battery powered and beats the heck out of a hammer and nail system! Plus it is affordable! Win win! Buy it at theĀ Home DepotĀ and its currently on sale!