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I have officially started on the renovations in our spare bathroom upstairs AKA Avery’s bathroom 😂. She keeps telling me, “Thank you so much mommy! I love what you’ve done with my bathroom!” 😂 This child seriously cracks me up! At least she likes it! So lets get to the details.  I started working on this space from the top down.

Step 1: remove ugly popcorn ceiling. Follow my easy how to blog post on this!! This small space was super easy to clean up and to make less mess I used a spray bottle of water to wet the ceiling instead of using the bug sprayer. It worked wonderfully and cleanup was a breeze!


Step 2: take down old towel bar fixtures and replace light fixtures. I replaced both light fixtures in the bathroom for less than $50!! Gotta love a good deal!! I did these both by myself. It was super easy when you follow the step by step and of course always make sure the power is OFF in that area!!! Here is what I used ceiling light and vanity light

IMG_3233 IMG_3234

Step 3: cut a giant hole in the wall! Haha! But seriously I wanted to create more storage space in this room. It’s such a small bathroom we have to utilize the space we can to store all the necessities. I started with a small hole so I could check for any wiring and I was lucky there was none! So I used my drywall knife to continue cutting from stud to stud and the length that I wanted it to be.

IMG_3245 IMG_3247

Let me preface this by saying,”I have never done this before.” See anyone can do this! I wanted to create a built in shelf that added a pop of design to the space at the same time. So after a lot of looking I decided to do this hexagon tile from the Home Depot. I love this tile and I want to do this on the floor too! I have never tiled before so I was quite nervous so I figured this was a good spot to try it out.


After I cut the hole to the size I wanted I built the shelving. I built a rectangle the size of my cutout in the wall and then just put in two shelves and made sure it fit the space perfectly. Just set this aside for now and start on your tile!

Did you know that they sell this super easy peel and stick tile application instead of using mortar?! Um I did not but was so happy to see this!! Buy it here!  So much less mess and super easy! Just peel off the backing, apply it to the wall and smooth it out with the rubber trowel. Once all of that is up and you are ready to install the tile peel off the top clear layer and lay down the tile. I recommend using a level to make sure it is straight. I did not and mine is not completely straight but it’s hard to tell. Let me make the mistakes so you don’t have to 😊.

IMG_3289 IMG_3290 IMG_3292

I used 4 12×12 hexagon tile sheets to fill this space and it was perfect for the size cutout I did. Our studs are 14″ apart so this worked perfectly for me without having to cut any tile. Most studs are 16″ apart so you may have to use a tile saw to cut tile. Or if you aren’t comfortable with tile I considered wall paper, peel and stick vinyl flooring or just painting it with a pop of color! The possibilities are endless!

Then I used bright white to grout and love the contrast from the grey hexagon tile! This was pretty easy to do. I used a rubber trowel to spread it out and bought the premixed grout so I didn’t even have to mix it! Easy peasy! Then once it is all grouted just use your sponge to clean it up.

Next up is putting your shelf in. Just slide it into place and then attach to your studs using 2″ screws.

Next up I cut out the moulding to frame the shelf and put it up using my Ryobi nail gun. Looks beautiful!!

IMG_3301 IMG_3302

After the grout is all done setting (24 hours roughly) I caulked around the edges. Use painters tape on the tile so you have good clean lines and don’t get a ton of caulk on the tile. Gives it a clean look 😊. I waited until after caulking to paint everything. I caulked around the inside of the shelving and around the frame as well. Then painted it all Bleached Linen by Behr.


I absolutely love how this turned out. It was the perfect added space to this bathroom!!

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