5 Best Tools for Beginner DIYer

Someone recently told me this is something they would love to know. Where do I start?? What tools do I need?? Well I will tell you how I started. I took baby steps learning and getting comfortable with my tools. I have now been doing woodworking and DIY projects for about 3 years so I am still no expert but I have learned a lot.

I started because I had found Shanty 2 Chic and Ana White on Pinterest and Instagram. They completely amazed me and made me realize that I could do this too!! I’m pretty sure my husband thought I was slightly crazy when I started. However, after we went furniture shopping at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and he saw the prices of the things I wanted he decided it was worth it for me to try!! 😂

First Tool in my arsenal was a drill. I went with the Ryobi cordless drill. This one packs a lot of punch and has been amazing the past three years! Love the rechargeable battery. It charges super fast and lasts a long time! Nearly every single project I work on requires the use of a drill so to me, this is the best place to start. Plus they have amazing deals at Home Depot and Amazon with a Drill and Driver kit combo!!

Second tool I acquired was a sander. This is my least favorite part of any project but it is soooooo necessary! Sanding your projects helps them get the best finish possible.  Always sand with the grain of the wood and learn what grit sand paper you need for certain projects. I use this sander from Ryobi.

I like the corner sander better because it gets into the hard to reach places so you can get everything and it is only $20 on Amazon! These also come in cordless options too!

Third tool I purchased was the Kreg Jig because I wanted to build furniture. I wanted the option to be able to hide the screws and patch the holes so all the pieces would look flawless! This was an amazing purchase and so worth it. It made putting together my projects so easy! They have many different options in different price ranges depending on the projects you want to do. I plan on expanding my Kreg Jig collection very soon.

Fourth tool I recommend is a Nail Gun. I use the Ryobi Airstrike nail gun. It is cordless and amazing!! It has made projects so easy to complete! My DIY Board and Batten walls went so fast and easy because of this tool! As well as installing our flooring, stairs and framing some DIY art! I purchased mine from the Home Depot and this week it is on sale for $119!! Buy it here!

The Fifth tool I would recommend would be a miter saw. I didn’t get this until after about a year of starting to DIY. Mostly because I was so nervous and intimidated by saws. I had Home Depot cut my wood for me before I purchased the saw and it worked great! However, I was ready to start making things that required miter cuts and knew it was time. So I faced my fears and bought my Dewalt 12″ Compound single bevel miter saw. I got an amazing deal because it was around Father’s Day too! I think I read and reread the manual about 5 times before using this! 😁 I was so nervous the first time but it went really well! This tool has helped me make so many amazing projects and I really am glad I finally took the plunge and bought it!

My best advice is to watch the sales! You can get incredible deals on all of these items! Just look at what you can do with these 5 tools 👇🏻

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IMG_1833-2 IMG_1464

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DIY Wall Mount Bottle Opener IMG_0225


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