DIY Board and Batten

Happy June Everyone!! I personally cannot believe how fast time is flying by right now! My husband just said, “It seems like just yesterday you told me you were pregnant and now we are at 35 1/2 weeks!” I can’t believe it either. Seriously why does time have to go so fast? Not going to lie, at this stage of the pregnancy I want it to go fast but I feel like one day I’m really going to miss these years of my girls lives so I’m just doing everything I can to take it all in now.  So at 35 weeks I should be taking it easy right? At least that’s what everyone keeps telling me. Somehow I JUST CAN’T DO IT! If only I had an off switch, but I don’t and I just can’t seem to stop starting awesome new projects! This is the condition I did this project in…so trust me you can too!!


Which leads me to this weeks project…Board and Batten!! I have wanted to do this for so long I just wasn’t sure where I wanted to install this and how to do it. If you search Pinterest for board and batten there is no shortage of different types/styles/designs. That is what is so insanely fun about this! You can make this as simple or as intricate as you would like! And it turns out so beautiful!!


My project right now is the stair case. I read somewhere recently that your entryway should make a statement and say something about your home. Well…our entryway was saying, “Hi, welcome to 1989. How do you like my carpeted stairs and old shaky newel post and railing?” Not exactly what I want my entryway saying to anyone! So where to start??

Step 1: Research what you want it to look like. Find styles and designs that you like. Search Pinterest, Google Images, etc. I started saving my ideas and putting together a design plan. I decided to do board and batten on the stair case first! Then move on to removing the carpet and installing wood stair treads and a new hand rail and newel post.

Step 2: Decide on the board and batten design you want. Like I said, the possibilities are endless! I went with simple because this is the first time I was attempting this and I wasn’t even sure I could do it. I used 1×4’s and 1×3’s in primed wood. The 1×4’s are for the top boards and 1×3’s are vertical throughout. Starting on the stairs for my first board and batten experience was not the smartest idea but I had already started! 😁 Trying to figure out the angles that I needed, how high to put it on the wall, how far apart to separate the boards. It was way more math than I thought it would be!

Materials Needed:

  1. Wood boards (I used 1×4’s and 1×3’s in this from Home Depot )
  2. Caulk
  3. Caulk Gun
  4. Wood Filler or spackle
  5. Nail Gun and 2″ finishing nails or hammer and nails
  6. Painters tape
  7. Paint
  8. Level
  9. Measuring Tape
  10. Miter Saw or Circular Saw
  11. Safety Glasses

So here is what I did:

  • I started at the bottom of the stairs and wanted the board to be right under my light switches.  So I measured the length of the 1×4 that I needed and put the boards up there with painters tape to hold it in place while I was figuring everything out. I did the same at the top of the stairs next. I was doing this alone, which I don’t recommend! Have someone else there to help you hold, figure out angles and nail to the wall!


  • Then I figured out how much length I needed for the 1×4’s from top to bottom and what angle I needed to cut for the ends. My angle ended up being around 40 degrees. I then taped that up on the wall as well to hold it in place. I measured three to four times to make sure it was all even and level and then I attached those 1×4 top boards to the wall with my Ryobi AirStrike finish nailer. This tool made this job MUCH EASIER to complete on your own!
  • Next part was by far the most difficult and I can’t even tell you how many different cuts I made and how long it to me to get it right! I ended up putting my boards 18″ apart up the wall after a lot of trial and error. Again I used painters tape to hold them up to measure and level everything before attaching to the wall with nails. With this part I just used my nail gun to attach the boards again and that took no time at all. If you don’t have a nail gun you can use a hammer and nails but that would take forever!

IMG_1986 IMG_1988

  • Once I had them all attached to the wall I took a deep breath! I couldn’t believe I got it up there! It only took me about 4 hours! Again, I think it would have been a lot less time and effort if I would have waited for help but patience is not my strong suit!
  • Next step is caulking everything and filling in the nail holes. I went through 2 tubes of caulk I believe on this step. It makes the biggest difference. Apply the caulk with your caulk gun and use your finger to smooth it out. Makes for a flawless finish! To fill the nail holes I used Dap lightweight spackle. Worked awesome! Can’t even see the holes once painted over.
  • Last step is painting it all! I did two thin coats of Behr Bleached Linen. It is my favorite white color! It is the trim color of our entire house now and it looks awesome!

I couldn’t stop there though! I decided to continue the board and batten throughout the upstairs loft and I couldn’t be happier with my decision! It totally transformed the space! Let me just say that doing the board and batten on a flat straight wall was VERY EASY! I finished that in no time at all.

IMG_1994 IMG_1995IMG_2041 IMG_2044



This entire project only cost me $130 total. That is a huge statement for such a small amount spent! Next up will be ripping up the carpet and putting in the wood stairs! I plan on doing just a couple steps at a time as ripping out carpet is like my least favorite thing in the world!

Have a beautiful day!! Let me know if you have any questions!

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