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I decided after working on a special space for Avery all weekend that I would start on a special place for me! As a Mom it seems like I rarely do things for myself but I decided I deserved a special space to relax, read and probably soon breastfeed the little one! Not that I will have much time to read soon but hey at least I will have a spot to sit! 🙂

First step of my reading/feeding nook was to build this adorable side table. Again, if you can’t tell I love color! Especially different shades of blue, you will find it allover our house. This table was nearly free for me because I had most of the scrap wood and had all the paint here. All I needed to pick up was the 2×2 legs.

This was a super easy build and very inexpensive! Total cost to build this table is about $17 in wood! For a PDF printable version of the plans click hereDIY Octagon Side Table by The LoveLee Home


1 – 1x6x8’
1 – 2x2x8’
Safety Glasses
Wood Glue
Miter Saw
Kreg Jig
1 1/2” pocket hole screws
Paint or stain

Step 1: Cut your 1x6x8’ board as follows: 2 boards at 45 degree angles so they look like trapezoids with the longest points at 19” and 2 straight cuts at 19”


Step 2: Cut your 2x2x8’ into 3 or 4 legs, 4 if you want it to be more stable: Cut them at 10 degrees off center so they are parallel on the ends and they should be 21 1/2” long


Step 3: Drill pocket 3/4” pocket holes with your Kreg Jig into the top pieces as pictured below:


After your pocket holes are drilled, grab your wood glue and start glueing the edges and screw the top pieces together with your 1 1/2” pocket hole screws.

Step 4: Drill your pocket holes into the tops of the legs and attach with wood glue and 1 1/2” pocket hole screws. You can see in the pictures I drilled the pocket holes into the longest side of the legs. I only did 3 legs so I placed one in the middle and the other two so it is shaped like a triangle.


Step 5: Fill your pocket holes if you would like to and start sanding.

Now your structure is built and you can finish it any finish you would like! I chose to paint mine white and aqua and it is the perfect little table for my reading/feeding nook! Want to know how to get the straight lines?? I always use Scotch Blue Painters tape with edge block technology. Paint it all white first and when it is completely dry tape off where you want to. Then paint over the edge of the tape with white again and once that is dry you are ready to paint with your other color! You will get a nice clean edge by taking that extra step!

IMG_1820-2 IMG_1824-2

I absolutely LOVE how easy it was and how it turned out! I had seen a table at Crate and Barrel that I really liked and instead of spending over $100 for it I built it for $17!! Now I can work on my next project for this space…reupholstering the chair 😁  I have never done this before so rest assured you will be seeing a blog post all about that experience soon!

IMG_1842 IMG_1837 IMG_1833-2



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