Creating our dream home

It has been a year since we purchased our home. It was definitely a dream come true for us. I was so tired of renting and not being able to truly do what we wanted with the space. The house hunt proved to be a little difficult because we knew what area we wanted to live in but the houses were selling faster than we could even see them! We finally found this beautiful Colonial and knew immediately after looking at it we had to act fast. The house was on the market 1 day, we made an offer and soon we were under contract!


We were so lucky to have the inspection go amazing and be able to close in less than 2 months. We had an amazing realtor who I highly recommend! If you are in the Birmingham area you will love Kristen at Brik Realty

Even though the house was move in ready, it just wasn’t my style and the very first thing I had to do was rip out all of the flooring on the main level. And yes, I took this project on myself! I have never in my life done flooring but I knew I was capable of doing it or at least trying :). After researching all our options I decided on a laminate wood flooring that would hold up well with our dog and kids. I went with the Home Decorators Collection Dark Hickory Click Here for link It was fairly easy to install once I got the hang of it and looks beautiful!! Check out our before picture of the living room:

11351117_671656092962605_7135819527076930447_nliving room before

See all of that wonderful carpet, beige walls, popcorn ceiling, dark scary fire place, trim painted ivory/tan (i know it’s hard to see but trust me), and the gold and almond colored outlet plates?? Don’t get me wrong, I loved this house because it has so much potential!! I could picture exactly how I wanted it to look and we are almost there.

Step 1 was replacing the flooring:

  1. Rip out the old carpet, remove all of the staples and nails. Note this is hard work. Carpet is heavy so be sure to cut it in sections to make it easier to carry out of the room
  2. To Remove all of the staples I found that my crowbar worked best to pop them out
  3. Be sure to wear protective eye wear! I also wore knee pads and gloves through most of it too.
  4. At that point I honestly thought the hard part was done…not so much. 🙂
  5. Last step is to take a bath, sip some wine and relax!


Now that I had all the old flooring/staples/nails removed it was time to start installing the new laminate wood floor!

Supplies I used:

  • Traffic Master underlayment Click Here
  • Home Decorators Collection Laminate flooring (link above)
  • Laminate floor spacers (I used these Click here)
  • Ryobi Brad Nailer Brad Nailer (optional)
  • Mitre Saw or Circular Saw
  • Rubber Mallet – if some of the boards won’t click in all the way I use this to help them slide in without damaging the flooring
  • Safety Glasses

Now I simply started by rolling out the underlayment and laying down the flooring exactly as the instructions explained that came with the flooring. The only thing I added was the use of the nail gun to get started. I used that to hold the flooring in place in the corner. After that it went very quickly and was very easy to install.


Almost a year later and I am still so happy with this flooring! It has held up really well against our dogs nails and we have no scratches whatsoever! I continued this same flooring throughout the entire main level including the kitchen. Here is our current picture of the living room so you can see just how far this space has come! I will soon be sharing what I used to makeover the rest of the room including; removing the popcorn ceiling, updating the fireplace, and all the furniture I built for this space!


IMG_2077 IMG_2071

Thanks for visiting and let me know if you have any questions!!

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